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Are you wasting valuable London office space by filling it up with filing cabinets of documents? Are those documents difficult to retrieve when needed? Are your documents at risk of loss, theft  and damage in your current system? 

Pearl Scan Solutions provide document scanning services and document management  solutions in London and across the South East for companies, organisations and individuals wishing to benefit from the space savings, time savings and cost savings of digital documents. 

Our secure collection service can collect boxes from London and surrounding areas. Our secure scanning bureau is protected with the latest security systems to guaranteed the confidentiality of your information. We are accredited ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and ICO as well as being a member of PCI.


Why Scan Documents?

Many London based companies are already benefiting from the wide range of advantages: 

  • Storing files digitally means you can free up valuable office space.
  • You can abolish extortionate off-site storage costs.
  • You can minimize data loss by up to 99%.
  • You can reduce your company’s paper usage and make steps towards a paperless office.
  • Document scanning lets you access your files quickly and easily through simple text  searches from anywhere, at any time.
  • You can comply with file retention regulations without the hassle of storing documents in hard copy.
  • You and your colleagues can have shared access to large files and databases in a digital format.
  • You can improve the flow of information between colleagues as well as between staff and clients.


How the Document Scanning Process Works


STEP ONE- We will analyse your needs and prepare proof-of concept-samples to explore the options we can provide for you.


STEP TWO- Your documents will then be collected by our Fast and Secure Nationwide Collection Service. We can also provide A3 sized boxes for your documents if needed.


STEP THREE- At our secure scanning premises the fasteners such as paperclips and staples will be removed while your documents are kept in the correct order.


STEP FOUR- The documents are then ready to be scanned using our superfast scanners fully equipped with ultrasonic double-feed, automated colour detection and image processing applications. They can be scanned to PDF or any other format you prefer, including searchable PDF, TIFF and JPEG.


STEP FIVE- Scanned document can then be indexed using relevant data such as title, name, address, reference number or date. Indexing of this type involves; image indexing and index verification, scanning text with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and database creation.


STEP SIX- We provide a one stop service for all of your document scanning needs so we also offer OCR processing to convert your documents to fully text-searchable documents.


STEP SEVEN- Quality checks are then undertaken. We have procedures in place within quality control to ensure the entire process or scanning and digitisation meets industry standard.


STEP EIGHT- Once scanned, indexed and checked, your digital documents can then be delivered to you on one of a range of mediums including CD, DVD, USB, secure FTP and MS SharePoint. If your department or company does not have any document management system we can supply the data in our free document management software, Halogen, or host it for you on our secure Pearl Cloud portal.


STEP NINE- If you are happy with your digital documents, we then offer three solutions for your paper documents. We can return them to you, securely dispose of them via environmentally friendly document shredding processes or we can store them securely at our premises for a further required period.


Why Choose Pearl Scan?


  • We have over a decade of experience providing document scanning services in London, Manchester and across the UK.
  • We have the infrastructure to handle small to large scale scanning projects.
  • Our scanning bureau focuses on security, confidentiality, safety and scalability.
  • Our services are trusted by a number of reputable London companies as well as companies across the UK.
  • We hold security and quality accreditations for all of our services.


If you would like to speak to a member of our sales team about our document scanning services and receive a free, no obligation quote, get in touch.

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