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With file retention periods for anything from one or two years right up to 10-12 years, businesses within the legal sector are known to amass a great deal of paper and files. This is stored either in offices, dedicated storage on-site or off-site storage facilities, all of which incur costs through space usage. With the price of renting space in London the most expensive in the country, more and more businesses in the legal sector are turning to digitising files so they can free up that space and lower outgoing costs in the process. Digital files still comply with legal admissibility rules so scanning is the perfect solution. 

Legal document scanning also brings other benefits:
  • Documents are more flexible for sharing, editing and viewing off-site.
  • Digital legal documents offer a great deal more security from loss, theft and damage.
  • Business processes will become more efficient.
  • Office morale can be boosted.
  • You can lower your carbon footprint.

Pearl Scan’s legal document scanning service has already helped many law firms in London and the South East to recover costs wasted on document storage and reap the other benefits of digital document management. 
We handle the entire process including collecting the documents with our secure collection service for London and the surrounding areas. Once the documents are at our secure and fully equipped scanning bureau, they will be prepared for scanning with the removal of fasteners. The documents will then be scanned using our high speed scanners and checked for quality under strict supervision. Once the images have been scanned, they will be indexed and OCR software can be applied to make the files fully text searchable. Finally, we will deliver the digital documents in any format required such as on USB, CD, DVD, secure FTP or via our online cloud platform, Pearl Cloud. We also have provisions in place to deal with the hard copy documents so they can be returned to the client, shredded and securely disposed of or stored for a further required period.

For more information about our legal document scanning service, take a look at our dedicated legal scanning site.

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