Medical Record Scanning

Companies and organisations in the healthcare sector such as NHS hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists, private medical trusts and consultants have been gradually making processes digital and that includes their documents. Patient files, records, correspondences, x-rays and financial documents are being scanned to free up space in overcrowded premises and provide a much needed efficiency boost to these organisations. Pearl Scan provide an experienced and effective approach to scanning documents for the healthcare sector. We have more than 10 years of experience working with organisations in London and the South East as well as across the rest of the UK. All scanning projects are undertaken with strict supervision and we use the latest in image processing technology to guarantee the best results.

Benefits of Scanning Medical Documents 

  • Files can be accessed digitally through simple searches.
  • Documents can be securely backed up to protect the information from being lost.
  • Relevant documents can be sent to other departments for quick referral.
  • Overall departmental efficiencies will be improved.
  • Offsite access for medical specialists is an option.
  • Space will be freed up.
  • Less costs will be wasted on paper, printing and ink.
  • Morale can be boosted with easier to manage documents.
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Industry Specialist

Our services offer solutions to many departments of different industries:

  • Purchase Invoice Scanning
  • Healthcare Document Scanning
  • HR Document Management
  • Medical Research Data Capture
  • Feedback Form Data Capture
  • Legal Documents Scanning
  • Education Sector Scanning
  • Proof of Delivery Scanning
  • Archives Digitisation Service

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